Exit Security Ring Bolt

Physical deterrent for inswing doors. Utilized for front doors, back doors, and bedroom doors.


Exit Security Ring Bolt

Hassle-Free Installation

Get the ring bolt up and running in just 10 minutes. With robust 4-5 inch screws anchoring it in place, you’re investing in a security system built to last. And for those moments of inactivity? Use our provided ring holder to keep things organized.

Unmatched Design & Security

Our ring bolt design is a game-changer in security, making your door nearly impervious to break-ins. Experience the ultimate peace of mind knowing that our product is a cut above the rest, borne from identifying gaps in cheaper market alternatives.

Sleek Finish & Compliance

Safety doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. Our electra static powder coating gives the ring bolt a refined, modern look. Plus, for the detail-oriented out there, rejoice in the knowledge that our product ticks every box in Texas local codes, merging unmatched quality with full compliance.

Perfect Fit for Inswing Doors

Tailored for inswing doors, our ring bolt is the guardian angel your property deserves. Beyond security, we understand the importance of quick exits during emergencies. That’s why our ring bolt is designed for rapid release, ensuring you have a product that’s as thoughtful as it is strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Texan Bar Ring Bolt is a top-notch security device designed specifically for inswing doors in homes and apartments. It features a unique loop-over, lift-off design that prevents forced entries, and it’s extremely secure thanks to the sheer effect design of the bolt. This device uses 4-5 inch screws for ultimate stability and takes just 10 minutes to install.
Traditional inswing bars can be expensive and sometimes not very effective. Many people have resorted to creating cheap, flimsy bars that are easily approved. The Ring Bolt was born out of the need for a superior alternative. Its design and durability make it a more reliable choice.
Yes, the Ring Bolt is incredibly versatile and suitable for doors of various sizes, from cozy apartment doors to grand entrances. It’s designed to provide effective security regardless of your door’s dimensions.
In case of emergencies, a simple upward motion on the chain releases it quickly, ensuring your safety. We’ve designed it with your security and peace of mind in mind.
Yes, the Texan Bar Ring Bolt abides by local Texas safety codes, ensuring that it meets all the necessary requirements for your security and peace of mind.
The Ring Bolt is primarily designed for inswing doors in residential settings to prevent forced entry from the outside. While it excels in these scenarios, it’s not recommended for commercial or industrial doors, as they have different security requirements.