Exit Security Door Bar

Elevate your business security with the Texan Bar, expertly designed to seal doors and resist criminal breaches, making it the top choice for savvy businesses.

Exit Security Door Bar

Takes Slack Out of The Door

The Exit Security bar pulls in doors tight, reducing gaps that could be exploited by tools attempting to pry them open.

Cross Door Jamb Design

Holds in place even if hinges on the door have been destroyed from the outside.

Double Door Security Design

Holds both double doors in place to secure the weak link in having double doors on your business.

Two Bar System

Having two bars per door means you are able to add another layer of security against those who attempt to pry the corners of the metal door to try to gain entry (highly recommended).

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Exit Security bar comes with a step by step instruction manual to aid in the installation process.
The sizing chart explains how to measure your door which will help you decide the right bar for you.
In the case that you mistakenly ordered the wrong sized bar we ask that the customer pays for the freight to return and we will refund your purchase.

2-3 business days on average.

If your bar does not fit the sizes we provide we are able to make a custom size upon request and pricing will vary.